Purple Diesel Incense

Dabbersonline carries only the best quality Purple Diesel Incense available on the market. Do not fall for weak knockoff scents, this is the Purple scent you know and love! Lasts long in a proper incense burner, so you don’t have to keep relighting your incense or fiddling with it. Just sit back and relax already!


Purple Diesel Incense

Purple Diesel Incense is finally on deck at Dabbersonline Shop.  Purple Diesel Incense is one of the products all our customers (and staff) has been waiting for.  Now we all could relax and put Purple Diesel in the sir.  Haven’t smelt the aroma of Purple Diesel Incense yet? Then you have to hurry up and pick up this 3 gram package of Purple Diesel Incense.  Customers that have tried it before know how fast it can sell out!

Here at Dabbersonline Shop we remember the smell of that old Sour Diesel and Diesel Classic. We know our customers were missing that brand too for a while when they weren’t making anything new.  Well now you don’t just have to remember the smell! Put Purple Diesel in the air today and start smelling the good ‘ol days all over again.

It’s common knowledge in the aromatic loving community that familiar scents are powerful influences on our moods. And memory recall can be intense when you’re relaxed! So stop running around all stressed out. Try ordering from Dabbersonline Shop today. We know we have the top quality incense you love. Now you just need to order it!

OK what am I getting if I order this?

  • 3 grams of Purple Diesel Incense for only $23.99!

Why are you guys offering such a better deal than some of the other websites I’ve seen?

  • Dabbersonline Shop has some of the best prices for Purple Diesel Herbal Incense because we believe in the power that incense has to enrich people’s lives. A soothing scent is sometimes the only thing that will set you straight if you’re having a rough day! So we don’t rip off our customers, because we care. And we’re smart enough to work out prices that keeps everybody happy!

Is it really strong smelling? Like, will it ruin my couch fabric if I light the burner in my living room?

  • Potent is something that definitely describes the aroma that Purple Diesel Incense has. But don’t worry, in a well-ventilated room, none of the smoke will cling to clothing or fabrics. Just make sure to use a proper incense burner in a room with good air flow. This delightful scent will only be present when you want it to be!


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