Bizarro Incense


Everyone knows Bizarro and it’s here to change the mood of any room you burn this aroma in. This new 100% legal version will cause things to get….bizarre!

Ingredients: Damiana, Mullein, Mugwort, Marshmallow leaf, Passion Flower, and Spearmint

Instructions: The Bizarro herbal blend comes cut and sifted but you can grind it up further if desired. Once a desired consistency is achieved, you can place the Bizarro in a flame retardant bowl and burn it in the room. Charcoal can help the burning process become more consistent.

Notice: While similar in name to other products

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Bizarro Herbal Incense

This is Extra Potent and should be used for only the experienced.

Tired of taking it easy and Looking for a Insane Extreme ride? Look no further, Bizarro will take you to where you need to be and back in a flash. This is Extra Potent and should be used for only the experienced. – 10 gram Bizarro is on sale for $50.50

Bizarro Herbal Incense almost needs no introduction. It is the absolute best product currently on the Herbal Incense market. Bizarro Herbal incense utilizes the best herbal blends available anywhere. It is a rare product and Fine Herbal Incense is one of the only places that currently carries the original product.

If you want to sample the most potent potpourri blends on the market, look no further. It is about quality, not quantity with this product. Sure, the price might be a little higher but this unique herbal blend is worth every dollar. This product is meant to relax the senses and nerves after stressful long days. Bizarro will have you feeling like nothing else out there. It is the most special blend out there. The rare purple drenched and dried leaf is the rarest on the market. It is not found in any other products and Bizarro Herbal Incense is so potent that its bizarre, so super that its confusing, so awesome that its amazing!

If you haven’t put your hands on Bizarro Incense then you have no idea what you’ve been missing out on! Pick up a bag of the best Bizarro Herbal Incense online from the best retailer on the internet – Dabbers Online Shop. Bizarro Herbal Incense is only original at Dabbers Online Shop so don’t waste your time buying it anywhere else. Bizarro Incense is not meant to be inhaled or consumed. Not for human consumption!

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